Thursday, November 21, 2019

Halloween 2019

In light of all the craziness of October, I wanted to keep Halloween costumes super simple.
The boys usually want to be something creepy/gory,
and I am not a fan, so I tell them I won't buy them a creepy/gory costume.
It is always a struggle to find something we both agree on.

this year things were looking up when Talmage said he wanted to be a dragon!
It didn't take much convincing at all for the other boys to agree to be dragons, with Benson as the baby knight to slay them all.
I quickly looked up dragon masks and found a cheap one on Amazon that came in lots of colors--perfect!
I told myself I would be able to find shirts and pants at Goodwill in coordinating colors and I would just quickly attach some wings and tails.
Easy, peasy.

Unfortunately, I am the queen of underestimating how much time, effort, and money projects will take.
I definitely bit off more than I could chew with this one,
and I spent far too long drawing scales on clothes and re-making shirts and pants that, although I found in the right color at Goodwill, were definitely not the right size (Maxwell's shirt was actually my size!). I even enlisted my mom's help while they were visiting for Wesley's baptism to draw on scales on Halloween afternoon.
And in the end, I didn't quite finish all the scale-drawing (seriously, I spent so many hours on something I thought would take me a total of about one hour!). And it is silly that I was working so hard on it when it was pitch black on Halloween as they were trick-or-treating!

But the boys were thrilled with their costumes.
Talmage had the idea to pull out some gloves (we just so happened to have gloves in all the right colors) and add masking tape claws to them, which made for a fun addition to them.
I made Benson's hat by adding a little felt to a women's winter hat I found at the Dollar Store, and I could not get enough of his little face poking out while he stomped around, wielding his sword at all his brothers, who would dramatically fall writhing to the ground.

The boys made up names and abilities for their dragons:
Talmage (Black)-Scythewing; Deadly Poisonous Horns and Breathes Black Fire
Wesley (Blue)-Speartooth; Breathes Gasite (poison mixed with darts, arrows, and gasses)
Lincoln (Red)-Redclaw; Breathes Comets
Maxwell (Green)-Poisonwing; Breathes Green Poison

**Today's Tidbit: I saved a lovely 9 foot Christmas tree from my neighbor's garbage pile yesterday! It looked like it was in great shape, but it was pre-lit, and none of the lights worked. I decided to take all the lights off the tree, since I don't mind stringing my own lights each year. FYI, if you want to take the lights off a pre-lit better settle in for the long haul. It looked like they had started to remove the lights and got about a third of the way done before giving it up. I can see why! My hands are all scratched up and it took several hours, but I got it done and it is set up in our living room! It fits our space a lot better than our old one and it's a bit nicer looking. But, confession...I decided to set up our other one as well, in our other living area (in the South they call it a "hearth room"). The more, the merrier, right? I don't normally put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I didn't want to haul our "new" tree up to our attic, so it will be a Christmas-y Thanksgiving at our house!

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  1. Those costumes are AMAZING! The boys look so fierce, and Benson is the cutest little knight.


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