Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Benson at 18 Months

Our Benson-boy is 18 months!
Here are a few bits of his life at this age:

-He is a crazy climber and climbs on things ALL day long. I had to put our barstools in the attic, because I was constantly finding him up on the kitchen counters. He regularly pushes chairs, buckets, benches, etc. to be able to reach what he wants, but at least putting the barstools in the attic has saved my sanity for the time being.

-He is talking up a storm! He is starting to string words together and sometimes form basic sentences. He is always asking, "What's that?" and "Where are we going?" The other day when he got frustrated he yelled, "s'NOT WORKING!" He also frequently says, "Please stop!" (I wonder why?) I love how he says his own name, as well as his brothers'. I regularly say, "He's just...such a person!" because he seems older than he is based on his thought processes and the way he expresses himself.

-He LOVES animals and will almost immediately try to hug them. The other day we were on Facetime with my sister, who is in Costa Rica, and she showed us a dog. Benson immediately gave the phone a big hug! (He also said, "Hola!" and "Dios!" to a Costa Rican woman my sister was with.)

-He is pretty fearless. He is also undeterred by injuries and will generally hop right back up and try again as soon as he's mostly recovered. He loves the thrill rides Sam gives him and laughs hysterically.

-Nursery at Church was a pretty seamless transition. He is in there regularly with me as I teach the signing time, and Maxwell is already in there, so he was already used to it.

-He loves to be with his brothers, swing at the park, read stories, build block towers, drive transportation vehicles and make their sound effects, go on bike rides and walks, and just be outside in general. He is CRAZY about music and can't seem to stop himself from dancing anytime there he hears a rhythm--he will even dance to the sound of the kitchen mixer! He has the best dance moves and also just loves to be a spaz in general and do weird poses and movements, like waddling with his arms outstretched behind him and a weird expression on his face, just to make us laugh.

This is such a classic Benson face, probably asking, "What's that?"

Love you so much, Bensy-boy!

**Today's Tidbit: I just love hearing my kids talk. This morning Maxwell did a cool trick and told Lincoln, "That was ecip!" (He meant "epic.") On the way to school, Talmage told Wesley to "stop fretting." Yesterday I turned around and drove back to the house after leaving because I thought I left my straightener on and as we drove up Lincoln said, "I don't see any tendrils of smoke!"
I'm sure they get it from the books they read, but there is definitely a healthy dose of DNA in the mix, as well. Sam's use of language never ceases to delight me. Just a while back, I commented that we needed to come up with a word to describe our behavior when we make a feeble protest against something while actually hoping the other will do it. You know, like:
Sam: "I'm going to take out the trash."
Kaitlyn: "No, no, let me do it." (actually hoping he will insist)
This happens pretty regularly in the evening...I am cold and tired and want to stay wrapped in a blanket and then Sam says he will go check on the boys or something, so I protest insincerely. When I proposed making up a word to describe what I was doing, Sam had one almost instantly: "fauxtest." 
Get it? It's a regular part of my vocabulary now.

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  1. He is so handsome, and he sounds like such a fun "person"! I'm excited to meet him again in a month! They change so fast at this age that it feels like I'm meeting a new person when I haven't seen them for a long time.


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