Wednesday, October 16, 2019


-I have developed quite the obsession with bike riding lately. I just always want to be on my bike! Riding through the Tennessee forests in the fall is about what I imagine biking in Heaven would be like! Sometimes I don't bother changing Maxwell and Benson out of their pajamas before we head out on our morning ride, and this day apparently it was just too relaxing for Benson.

-A while back, we were riding bikes, and Lincoln rode his bike across a street without even glancing in either direction for cars. I stopped him and was giving him a lecture about the dangers of crossing the road without looking both ways and told him that, unless he was behind Sam or I, he needed to stop his bike at EVERY road crossing and look around. "Mommy and Daddy have learned the rules of the road, so we know when to stop, but you need to stop at every road you come to and look all around for cars!" I told him.
Wesley piped up in all seriousness, "Yeah, like, there might be a frog in the road, and you wouldn't see the danger! It could hop on your eyes and you couldn't see, you'd be whaling your arms around..." Yikes. Better watch out for cars and frogs.

-St. Jude has food trucks that come onto the hospital campus each day for lunch. I met up with Sam the other day for a lunch date (with Maxwell and Benson in tow). I got a veggie quesadilla from an interesting food truck called "Lil' Miracles is Better Than _______," which apparently has a couple of charitable initiatives, including feeding the homeless and providing employment to autistic individuals. The sign on the window says something like, "God created autism to help counter the over-abundance of boring people!" You can thank the postpartum hair re-growth that haunts me for a solid two years after giving birth to a baby for the halo of fly-away hairs around my head.

-This week is Fall Break! We have had so much fun so far, and have lots more fun planned. We started off with a day specially requested by the boys...a relaxing day. No chores, pajamas all day, sleeping in, chocolate chip pancakes...the works! Yesterday we made the 2-hour trek to The Discovery Center of America, which will get a long post of its own. It was one of the most AMAZING places I have ever taken the kids and well worth the drive! I also told the kids I wanted to try to make something with pumpkin every day this week. I missed yesterday, given our long excursion, but Monday was pumpkin muffins and this morning I made these delicious/nutritious pumpkin cookies for breakfast. They are always a hit at our house!

-We have made such amazing friends here. Talmage ended the hot weather with a swimming birthday party with some of his best buds.

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  1. I love these little updates! I'll make sure to watch for frogs when I cross the street.


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