Thursday, October 17, 2019

Pumpkin Bowknots and a NEW LIFE

Tonight's pumpkin creation was pumpkin bowknots with a drizzle of cinnamon cream cheese frosting on top. (Basically plain bread dough with some pumpkin and spices mixed in, tied into little knots and baked.)
Sam has really pushed the boys to compliment the food I make, and some time ago he started complimenting me along the same lines as Chuck Norris jokes...
like, "This food is so good it's illegal in California!"
The boys quickly caught on, and most nights I am hit with an onslaught of funny food compliments, each boy trying to come up with the silliest comparison possible.

Tonight the boys LOVED the pumpkin bowknots.
They quickly downed the first dozen I had baked, play-fighting over who got the last one, with Wesley eventually chasing Talmage around the house and snatching it right out of his mouth, both boys laughing all the way.
I assured them that another batch was about to come out of the oven,
and while they waited they came up with some pretty creative compliments:

"Mom, if I had the choice between a million dollars and three of these, I would choose three of these!" (Talmage)

"I would choose a million dollars, because then I could buy tons and tons of ingredients and throw them at you so you could make MORE of these!!" (Lincoln)

"Mom, these are so good that when a serving robot was serving food to the people, someone that had tasted them snuck in and took away the breakfast and put in the pumpkin bowknots." (Wesley)

"These are so good that when John Hancock was signing the Declaration of Independence and the bakery next door said your food was baked, he broke the window, jumped out it, and stabbed the bowknot with his quill to shove it in his mouth!" (Talmage)

"These are so good that when a rocket was blasting off, it just stayed on the ground so it could be close to your food!" (Lincoln)

"They're so good that after a rocket blasted off and was halfway to the moon and received word that you had made these, it turned around mid-air and came back in for a crash landing!" (Talmage)

"These are so good that a magician would do a trick to make them disappear like this: 'I will now make these disappear!' (upends entire plate into his mouth at once)" (Wesley)

It's safe to say I have some very silly boys, and they have a very sweet Daddy.

Speaking of eating, yesterday Lincoln lost his first tooth!
It was wiggly, so he bit down hard on a stuffed animal and then yanked the animal out of his mouth.
That pulled hard enough to get it really loose, but it didn't quite come out and was causing him a lot of pain. He was moaning and crying a little about it and eventually I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out.
"Nooo!" he exclaimed. "It will hurt!"
"Well, would you rather have a lot of pain for about 2 seconds, or would you rather feel the way you do now for the rest of today and probably tomorrow, too?" I asked.
He thought for a moment and then walked up to me with his mouth wide open for me to pull it.
We sat down on the chair and one solid yank later it was out!
He was not a fan of eating with it out, however.
Each time he tried to bite something it pushed directly on the tender spot.
"I DON'T LIKE THIS NEW LIFE!!!" he told me.
This morning he told me, "According to my calculations, the lost tooth is closer to these molars than these ones, so I should chew with this side."
Thankfully, the gum healed pretty quickly and his little tooth-gap smile makes me smile, too!
It also makes me smile to hear a 6-year-old say, "According to my calculations..."

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  1. My stomach growled out loud when I read the first sentence...I guess I shouldn't read your blog before I eat breakfast! Those boys are so funny. I love Lincoln's logic with the million dollars. Smart kids!


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