Sunday, October 27, 2019

Corn Maze

This month feels like it's been a non-stop party!
The trouble is, as I told Sam, someone has to throw the party and clean up afterwards...
which means it has all felt like a bit of a roller coaster for me and I've had way too many super late nights.
It also means that I have about 20 blog posts lined up in which to share the craziness and fun that is Fall in our family.
Hopefully I won't still be blogging about pumpkins in January!

We finished out our Fall Break fun by meeting up with some friends at a local corn maze.
The boys are being dragons for Halloween, with Benson as a knight, and, incidentally, the corn maze was designed to be in the shape of a knight fighting a dragon!
They had a great time traipsing around through the mud while Sam and I remained slightly on edge the entire time as we chased Benson and Maxwell, trying to ensure they never got out of sight. Benson insisted on walking himself and kept trying to run down paths away from the group! The thought of a baby lost in a corn maze was too sad for me to bear.
This corn maze was set up with a mystery to solve and we had to find various punch stations throughout the maze in order to complete it all. The kids had fun consulting their brochures and trying to track down clues!

After we finished at the maze, we headed over to a park to have a picnic dinner together.
I made pumpkin gingersnaps with white chocolate chips to finish out our pumpkin week and we ate chili, rolls, fruit, and cookies while the kids played until dark.
A fun outing with fun people!

(aerial view of the maze)


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! That maze is incredible.

    1. Thanks, Avalon! And thanks for commenting. :)


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