Thursday, October 10, 2019

Back to the Simple Days

I have loved this school year so far.
The kids have fabulous teachers
(tomorrow Talmage is participating in a mock trial of the Patriots vs. the Loyalists in the American Revolution and he was assigned the role of an attorney for the Patriots!)
and spending so much time with just Maxwell and Benson has majorly recharged my mom-batteries.

I love our simple days together.
A while back I asked the kids to fill in the blank and said, "My mom is always..."
The general consensus was "kind and calm."
I WISH that was always true (it's definitely not at times!), but it illustrates the fact that I really value quiet and slower-paced living. I like to really soak in a moment and enjoy it, rather than rushing from moment to moment in a frenzy.
I LOVE having a big family too, and having all five of my kids around. There are beautiful things about having lots of children that fulfill my deepest desires for my family, but s-l-o-w-i-n-g down and focusing on the youngest two for now has definitely given me a boost.

I love our morning walks or bike rides around the lake and the excitement we all get when we watch the ducks and "geeses" or see a turtle.
I love it when the three of us crowd around a carton of ice cream, sharing one spoon and eating all together.
I love our simple lunches--like peanut butter smeared on crackers, cheese sticks, and milk.
I love visiting with my friends while our little ones play together--a four year old girl telling me adamantly that she is going to marry Maxwell when she gets old.
I love mid-day baths and the hysterical giggles that result as they throw themselves into the water.
I love reading stacks of stories out on the porch swing in perfect weather.
I love catching a toad and seeing them intently study it and hold it.
I love the quiet nap times when I get to be so productive at whatever I choose to do.
I love the way the two of them have the cutest little friendship, and when Maxwell calls Benson "sweet boy," but "sw" is hard for him to say so it comes out, "Goo'night, fweet boy!"

All of the above took place this morning and my heart feels light because of it all.

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