Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Another Visit to the Pumpkin Patch


-Happy Birthday, Wesley!! We've had a great month celebrating birthdays! Details to come...eventually. I've got a whole lot of crazy ahead of me for the next couple of weeks, so it may be a while...

-Yesterday when I woke up, Sam told me that it was really windy outside, but there was no rain. I walked into the bathroom and said, "Is that the tornado siren?" Sure enough, the siren was going off and news alerts began blaring on our phones because a tornado was headed right for us and was supposed to hit in mere minutes! I quickly finished up in the bathroom while Sam gathered the boys into another bathroom--our designated tornado shelter, since it has no windows and mostly interior walls. At the last minute, I thought about the fact that we were going to all be shut in the bathroom together with nothing to occupy the little ones, and I raided our supply of fruit snacks to give to trick-or-treaters and took a handful into the bathroom with me. I thought it was all great fun, but some of the boys were feeling a little nervous and wanted to say a prayer. I gained some understanding of their thoughts about tornadoes when Wesley said, "Please bless us not to die." In the end, all was well and the tornado passed by a bit north of us, so all we got was flickering lights and a decent rainstorm outside. Now when we mention the tornado, Maxwell will gladly tell you how we "hided" in the bathroom and ate treats.

-Today Lincoln had a field trip to the farm! He had such a great time feeding horses, going on a hay ride, feeding the fish, and visiting the pumpkin patch! And to top it all off, he had me pull out another tooth this evening!

-Speaking of pumpkin patches, we visited a cute pumpkin patch on Friday and had a marvelous time in the perfect weather. Fall weather took its sweet time getting here, but it has been picture perfect since it began.

I tried valiantly to get another perfect photo of the boys at the pumpkin patch this year. As it turns out, 1-year-olds don't like to hold still for pictures. Who knew?
This one was about as good as we could get.

Even the measuring tape wasn't a sufficient distraction to keep Benson from struggling to run away.

Talmage pulled out his bag of tricks and plopped runaway Benson on his back. This one actually isn't too bad, in spite of the unusual posing!

And, finally, we let Benson go free while my four cooperative boys posed for me.

Eventually, I turned my attention to the pumpkins.
I never have to fight them to get a good picture.
They just sit there, perfectly cooperative, never moving an inch.
(Really, though, aren't they gorgeous pumpkins?)

After the boys picked out some little pumpkins,
I set them loose on the activities.
From the wooden ark and playhouse to the fun swings, sandbox, and patch of tricycles and ride-on toys, there is always plenty to do, even without paying all the extra money for the train rides, bouncy houses, petting zoo, and snacks.

After we got home, I made a lunch of pumpkin streusel pancakes.
This is one of my MOST favorite pumpkin recipes and I love making them in the Fall!
The boys gobbled them up with fervor.

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  1. SO CRAZY about the tornado! I didn't realize that was a danger in Tennessee. I'm glad you're all safe! The pumpkin patch pictures are adorable. Your boys are pro photo subjects.


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