Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Everyday Moments of Summer

I'm almost done playing catch-up from the Summer.
Here is another big photo dump of random moments with our family!

Grandma Sue gave Maxwell these stickers. It was so cute to discover him hidden away in the playroom, going to town decorating himself with stickers.

We loved going on family bike rides all Summer long! I decided I should probably invest in a book about the flora and fauna of the Mid-South, as I am constantly admiring plants on our adventuring and wishing I knew the names of them! For the longest time I called these beautiful trees "puff ball trees," but I just learned they are Mimosa trees. They are some of my favorites and they are growing wild all over the place here! (And you Utah people...they can supposedly grow there, too!)

We live on such a great street. There are several families with kids who go to school with the boys and there is a constant flow of kids bouncing from house to house in the after-school hours. One hot Summer day, these fun neighbors knocked on the door and asked if the boys wanted to come play with water balloons with them. They had filled up over 700 and the kids all had a ball attacking each other with balloons and eating ice cream cones afterward. I'm so grateful for sweet neighbors!

We enjoyed one of the final days of the Lego exhibit at the zoo! We always love visiting the "Creatures of the Night" exhibit, which is only lit with black lights in order to help the animals be awake during the day so we can see them active! There are all kinds of animals I've never heard of in there and they are fascinating to observe. And when we went to the farm section, we were delighted to discover a new glass honey bee display where we could watch the bees, busily at work making honey!

IKEA has fun kids' activities once a week in the Summer. On this day, the kids got to make their own plates! I loved their fun designs. We were told that we could just run the plates through the dishwasher and the marker would stay, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I opened the dishwasher to find colored flecks all over the dishes and the marker almost 100% off the plates! It was a fun little outing regardless.

We finished reading The Book of Mormon again as a family and had our traditional party! We had a fun themed dinner with different food that went along with different scriptures and then we played a game of Cranium with Book of Mormon-themed questions and activities Sam and I wrote. The boys drew pictures of scripture stories and hung them around the dining room for an art display. We had such a fun time!
For those curious:
-water (Mosiah 18:8)
-yogurt with honey (2 Nephi 26:25)
-jerky (1 Nephi 17:12)
-crackers, constructed into a tower with a King Benjamin figurine on top (Mosiah 2:7)
-fruit-kabobs (1 Nephi 8:24)
-Hershey's Nuggets (Ether 10:23)
-whole grain chips (Mosiah 9:9)
-cheeseburgers (Enos 1:3)
-Pure Crystal Light flavor packets for the water (Alma 5:19)

We've loved our study of the New Testament this year as well, using the remarkable resource "Come, Follow Me!"

This is what it always looks like when Talmage finds a bug at a park...random kids all gathered around in a circle while he holds it and they all study it.

Talmage also made this unicorn mask out of a box for a friend who came to play. I thought it was pretty impressive!

We traced the boys and their friends one day and they had fun decorating their outlines...mostly they turned them into the fictional characters they have created in recent months.

I love that the school here eases the Kindergarteners in with just having a few kids come each day during the first week, so the teachers can spend more time one-on-one as they help them learn the ropes of the school. But it meant that Lincoln went to school on the first day and then had the rest of the week at home again! We tried to do something fun every day. We also had some fun taking silly selfies. As you can see from Lincoln's face, he was rather jealous of my ability to cross my eyes and begged me to teach him.

And...success! He was so thrilled when he finally got it!
Manwhile, Benson kept us entertained as he swung from the metal frame of the porch swing. That kid is such a ham!

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