Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Steak Fry in the Forest

A few weeks ago, Sam and I ventured out to the edge of Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park for our date night.
There is a small, old-fashioned general store right there that has a steak fry every Friday night,
And after Sam's colleague told him about it, he decided to take me there on a date!
Admittedly, my dressy Ann Taylor top (scored at Goodwill) stuck out a little
and we would have fit in better if Sam had been covered in tattoos and had a pony tail,
but we had a great time!

The live banjo music created a fun ambiance along with the antiques lined up on the ledge around the top of the back room where we sat.
I am not a big meat eater...which was embarrassingly evident when the waitress asked how I wanted my steak cooked and I said, "Um...what's the one right before well done?"
But I was pleasantly surprised by how tender and juicy the steak was, and I commented to Sam that it was the best steak I'd ever had (obviously, that wasn't saying much).
When he walked up to pay, he passed my compliment on to the very loud, boisterous manager, who instantly shouted to the cook at the top of his lungs, "BEST STEAK SHE'S EVER HAD!!!"

After dinner, we drove through the forest until we hit the edge of the Mississippi River
(or as Maxwell says, the "Mrs. City River).
Chatting with Sam on our date nights is honestly one of the highlights of my life.
I LOVE being home with my kids all day, but that time away with him charges my Mom-batteries like little else can.

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