Monday, September 2, 2019

Proximal Paths

The incredibly hot, humid summers here are no joke, and surprisingly the water-play options are somewhat limited. But there is a lovely splash pad just a short bike ride from our home! Our neighbors rented the splash pad for their son's 2nd birthday party and were kind enough to invite us to play!
A storm was threatening, so the weather was a nice break from the blistering heat, and the setting sun+storm clouds+water droplets made for quite the magical effect together.
Sam and Talmage were at a Memphis 901 FC soccer game (tickets generously provided by St. Jude), but the other four boys had a great time in the water while Talmage drooled over the soccer players' moves. He's got some pretty impressive moves himself!

There are a few things about this rental home that drive me crazy (sandy backyard, I'm looking at you!). But one of the BEST things that kind of makes me want to never leave is the proximity to walking/biking trails and lovely neighborhood amenities!
It is truly a beautiful area we get to call home.

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. That looks like a fun splash pad! Seeing Maxwell with his balls always makes me smile. :)


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