Tuesday, September 10, 2019

First Day of School 2019

We have settled into our new routine and the school year is going well.
All of the boys love their teachers--
Talmage and Lincoln got exactly who they were hoping for,
and Wesley really didn't care who he got.
He is so chill that any teacher will be great as long as they don't yell and scream at the class.
Lincoln heard at Kindergarten round-up that one teacher liked to play jokes,
and ever since then he has hoped he would get her.
And he did!
He has loved school, but was NOT happy when today a little girl at his table said she wanted to marry him.
Talmage's teacher was specifically chosen (according to his 3rd grade teacher) to give him a challenge, and so far she is doing a great job. His teachers do things like math games via Skype with school classes in different countries and teaching green screen and stop animation!

As I attended Back to School night, I marveled at everything the teachers have to keep straight.
They remember which students are absent throughout the day and set their work aside for them while keeping track of every single student who is not absent and notice the moment someone isn't where he/she ought to be.
They remember students' allergies and ensure that no food or other items brought into the classroom will cause anyone allergic reactions.
They remember how each student is getting home, and keep track of any changes made in the normal mode of transportation for each student.
They are aware of learning disabilities and help the kids who are falling behind while providing a challenge for the kids who are ready for more.
They remember unique circumstances that exist in each student's home life and provide needed support and sensitivity.
They remember which kids are on medication and send them to the office to take their medicine as needed.
They answer constant e-mails from parents throughout the day.
They celebrate the birthday of each student.
They remember social issues that exist within the class members and structure seating charts and other classroom activities accordingly.
They have a plan in place for how to protect their entire class in the event of disaster or crisis.
They take a personal interest in each student and show them love throughout the school year and beyond.
AND, they do all that on top of their day-to-day teaching, wherein there is an expectation for creativity, high test scores, student engagement, and cute bulletin boards besides.

As I considered all they do, I was overwhelmed.
Honestly, it feels like a lot just to keep track of 20+ children and make sure they are all safe.
I am so grateful for my kids' teachers and all they do to help them learn and grow.

(I realized Wesley's top button was fastened after I took his pictures...he looks like such a cute little schoolboy!)
And Maxwell had to get in the picture too, of course, pajamas and all.

Some of the fun of the summer:
-Talmage made "the mantis movie," a fully automatic PowerPoint presentation that is 264 slides long! He made all of the graphics on his own and wrote lots of text captions and mouth bubbles and the different pictures move across the screen in various ways, as he animated the whole thing.
-He also worked on learning Japanese and started learning Scratch, a beginner coding language.
-I did a book club with the boys and we had fun expanding our horizons in our reading. I plan to do this every Summer, and I definitely learned a lot for next time.
-Wesley chose to study nature and wilderness survival for his independent learning.
-Lincoln raced through dozens of chapter books right along with his brothers.
-The boys improved their swimming skills and Talmage and Wesley can now do flips and other tricks off the diving board.
-The little ones made us laugh. Lots and lots and lots.
-And bonus, we didn't die of the heat/humidity!

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  1. The boys are so handsome! It looks like Wesley is taking fashion advice from high school-aged Dad. All he needs is a pocket protector. ;) I'm glad they're loving school!


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