Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Rather Antsy Kaitlyn

In some ways, I've been starting to feel a little bit like I'm in the waiting place...
We are waiting to buy a house...a decision we feel good about, but one that can still be frustrating at times.
We are waiting for our car to die before we buy a new one...the transmission seems really quite sketchy right now and the A/C barely works, so we don't want to take it on long trips.
We are waiting for Summer to end...but temperatures are still in the 90s with no end in sight. The kids were even kept inside again today for recess because the heat index was 100.
We are waiting for Sam's papers to be published...a process that is always frustratingly slow.

I know they're all very much first-world problems, but sometimes a little bit annoying nonetheless.
Add to that the fact that I'm starting to get a bit stir-crazy
(until Labor Day I had only left the Memphis area once this year!)
and you get a rather antsy Kaitlyn.

After a few conversations, we decided to set some family goals...
some things to focus on instead of all the things we are waiting for.
We decided to bike 250 miles together as a family this year. We got a hitch installed on our dying minivan so we can put our bikes on a bike rack and try out different trails all around Memphis. We replaced Sam's stolen bike, and I made a chart that we've started to fill out with a square for each mile we bike.
We decided to do 25 family service projects together. We will keep a list to track our progress.
We hope to go on 3 family vacations over the next year.
And Sam and I decided that each month we are going to try a new ethnic restaurant.
I have been wanting to expand my horizons a little when it comes to food and it will be fun to experience more of the city!
Our first stop was India Palace. It was a lovely environment with beautiful murals painted on the walls. The naan was incredible and it came with super delicious dipping sauces--spicy cilantro chutney and something else kind of sweet. I ordered coconut chicken korma and Sam ordered the lamb curry. Both of us really enjoyed our food! And they brought us the cutest little portions of mango sorbet to end our meal, on the house!

I am excited about our new goals and the progress we've made so far!
And I know some of my few readers have broad restaurant experiences...
tell me, what are your favorite ethnic dishes?


  1. Setting goals is a great idea! It'll give you something to focus on besides everything you're waiting for. I admire your proactive approach to combating the antsyness (not sure if that's a real word, but we're going with it).

  2. I like Mexican food and Chinese General TSO. In Germany I ate real Italian pizza which was the best in the world. German potato salad that my great grandmother made is my favorite.

  3. Love those murals! And I LOVE Indian food. Mini naan is one of my new favorite Aldi purchases. Adorable and so delicious when it's reheated in the oven/toaster.

  4. I love:

    Levantine cuisine (tabouleh, baba ghanouj, lebne, chicken shawarma, foul)

    Persian cuisine (gheymeh, kebab, saffron rice)

    Turkish cuisine (donor, beyti, mousakka)


    There is a lot of overlap between middle eastern cuisines and of these with Greek cuisine. However there are differences and things you can get in one but not the other. Sometimes the same food with a similar name. Also, Turkish tabouleh is very different from Levantine and I do not at all like it though Levantine tabouleh might be my favorite salad of all time.

    I would search out recommendations for these types of foods from locals in your area. It can sometimes too easy to find a middle eastern restaurant that is not authentic and/or too fancy $$$ or too much of a dive! You usually want a middle ground place that makes everything the right way. If you do research and find something and want my opinion...I can be pretty good at making assessments from what I see on a website.

    You also want a place that is smoke-free. The smoke-free part can be a challenge since most Middle Eastern restaurants serve water pipe tobacco. But, if they separate it well from the restaurant, e.g. separate rooms, outside, on the roof, etc., you won’t have a problem. You should find out from people who have eaten there or call the restaurant and ask about this.


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