Thursday, August 29, 2019

Three-Year-Old Maxwell

A few things about Maxwell at age 3:

-He still seems to be very analytical and logical. He loves sorting things and I will often walk into a room and see a collection of toys sorted by size and color. He also has a great memory.

-He loves bike rides, playing at the park, playing with Xander (his little buddy), reading books, listening to Scripture Scouts, playing with cars, and building with Legos. Sometime I will post some pictures of his Lego creations, because he carefully fills platforms with flat pieces in a tetris-like configuration until the entire platform is perfectly filled. It is yet another demonstration of his analytical mind and spatial reasoning and it always makes me happy to see his Lego platforms!

-He loves order. He is quick to clean up messes and gets stressed when things are out of place or a typical routine is disturbed. He likes to sit back and watch new things for a while and then amazes us when he abruptly jumps in fearlessly without restraint, confident and able after learning through watching.

-He likes to sleep with 2 baby blankets, a bigger blanket, a dog named Patches, a tiger named Stripes, and a little fish named Sammy-Fish.

-He is SUCH a good big brother to Benson! He loves to make him laugh and does so regularly. He is always looking out for him and will lift him down from places he has climbed to, take away "chokeen hazards," and alert me to anything he deems to be "dang'rous" for Benson.

-He adores animals! The zoo membership we got last year for his second birthday was probably the most loved gift we've gotten a kid! When I see his response to animals my heart melts.

-He is always saying cute things like "RT2Bot" instead of "R2D2," and adding a double 's' to plural words like "pantses" or "shoeses."

-He is super sweet and cooperative, but he has THE BEST grumpy face. I'm pretty sure those eyebrows could not be more expressive!

-He is quiet and serious on the surface, jovial and hilarious when you dig a little deeper, smart and loving and thoughtful and fun and we're so, so glad he's part of our family.

Love you to the moon and back, Maxwell!!!

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  1. Such a handsome boy! I love learning these snippets of his personality. You should definitely post a picture of one of his Lego platforms sometime.


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