Friday, August 23, 2019

Family Art Day

The Brooks Museum in Memphis does a fun family art day once a week during June and July.
They have an art project the kids can work on, we can look at the exhibits, storybook movies are playing in a small theater, and we have access to the amazing kids' play area on the top level!
It's conveniently located across the street from one of our favorite parks, so we like to visit the park before we head over to the museum.

This time, their display in the lobby was an enormous tree made out of pants, shoes, socks, and ties! (The tree trunk and branches are pants, stitched together and stuffed.) Isn't it so cool?!? There were a couple of animals by it, too, made completely out of shotgun shells, and the birds flying around are actually made from books. You can see the bear peeking out behind Talmage. I thought the artist was trying to make a point about conservation and protecting Earth's resources, but then I read the accompanying sign which blatantly stated that he had no point whatsoever.
We also sort of got in trouble when Maxwell immediately dashed under the wire surrounding the display to say hi to the shotgun shell animals...sorry, but if you detain me at the door to talk to me about the exhibits, there's no telling what my 2-year-old might do!

The kids played with some fun connecting blocks for a while in the lobby and then we adjourned to the basement to do the craft.
It was just before the 4th of July, so the kids worked on patriotic streamers.
After watching a few of the storybook films, we headed upstairs to the play area.
It is such a cool place with a meditation tunnel where soft music plays and images appear on a screen above, a fun climbing area filled with artwork, costumes and a small theater area to put on a play, art that you can add whiteboard marker embellishments to, magnet boards, discovery boxes, and more!

I loved this display where the kids could add magnetic captions to the "This reminds me of my family," or "This is the most important piece." It was fun to see their individual interpretations.

It especially made me smile to see one of the boys put this caption under this picture.

Thanks, Brooks Museum of Art!

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