Thursday, August 22, 2019

So Long, Summer Days

Our Summer break has come to a close.
School is in full swing, pumpkins are on display at the store
(despite the fact that the kids haven't even been allowed to go out to recess yet because it has been too hot...the heat index was 113 the other day!)
and I am stuck in that place that always pops up at the beginning of a new school year...
the place where I embrace and love the new schedule,
mourn the loss of the ability to have no set schedule,
and contemplate with a sense of longing whether or not I made the most of the 12 weeks I had with all the boys at home.

Many, many more posts to come
(what a difference having silent nap time again makes!),
but for now I'll just leave you with a few random pictures of the laid-back days of Summer.

Sun-dappled shadows, spontaneous naps, cardboard inventions, and ice cream stands...

(Wesley put Benson's floaty tube on his head and looked like an alien in a flying saucer!)

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