Friday, July 12, 2019

RIP, Mr. Bubbles

In mid-June, Talmage got to go to Cub Camp each day, Monday-Friday.
The camp here is really quite amazing and he LOVED playing in the mud pit, going down the "wet willy" giant water slide into the lake, fishing every day, practicing archery and target shooting, and doing STEM activities. All in all, it was wet, dirty, stinky, and noisy, so it was basically a little boy's paradise.

One day he came to the car proudly carrying his own ecosystem--2-liter soda bottles were taped together with an earthworm in the top section whose waste supposedly filtered down to feed the little fishy swimming below in the bottom section.
I admit, I was skeptical as I placed it on the fridge, away from the little hands that would love nothing more than to shake the poor little fish into oblivion.
Talmage named him "Mr. Bubbles," and to my surprise, he swam happily around for days and then for weeks.
Evidently the ecosystem actually worked!

But either Midnight the earthworm eventually died or something else went wrong,
and yesterday when I checked on Mr. Bubbles, I found that he was living no more.
I broke the news to Talmage and he was disappointed but took it in stride.
RIP, Mr. Bubbles, our first family pet.

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