Monday, July 22, 2019

Berry Picking 2019

A few weeks ago, I planned a blackberry picking excursion with the boys.
A couple of days before we had planned to go, my friend texted and said she was going to pick blueberries at the blueberry plantation just a few miles away from the blackberry farm, and she wondered if we wanted to come...and she was making plans for the same day!
So we decided to double our fun and make a day of it.
We headed out bright and early to the Nesbit Blueberry Plantation, unloaded the kids, and started picking berries, catching bugs, shoving dirty blueberries into mouths (Benson), and sweating buckets as we tried to fill our buckets.

Talmage caught a tiny grasshopper and handed it to Benson. It cracked me up to see his little fist clenched around such a tiny little live bug!

We finally got a gallon of blueberries and potty needs arose, so we headed over to the bathroom.
On our way, Talmage noticed tiny little frogs all over behind a building! They were ADORABLE.
He quickly caught a few and the boys had fun playing with them.
Maxwell was furious that we couldn't bring them in the car.

It was ridiculously hot, but nonetheless we piled into our minivan with broken A/C and headed over to Cedar Hill to pick blackberries. The playground there is just too good to pass up!
On the way we stopped at The Dip, a small town ice cream and burger stand (opened in 1947) with an unreal number of possibilities. In addition to their homemade, smoooooth, crazy rich ice cream, they have 250 mix-in options and a burger menu a mile long! The ice cream was so rich that even with the small sizes we ordered, the boys had trouble finishing their scoops. I got the monkey bread ice cream and it was unbelievable. It was the perfect refresher before we piled back into our stuffy car and hit the blackberries.

The older boys were pretty burnt out and didn't last long picking berries.
They ran down to the pirate ship and started playing with our friends, who decided to come with us after picking blueberries.

But I still had the little ones to keep me company picking berries!

Then we headed up to the front to hit the big playground. This is probably my favorite place to visit in the entire Memphis area! I love the tire swings, ziplines, enormous pipe slides, beautiful flowers, giant shade trees, and horses!

The 45 minute drive is worth it for the playground alone. And it's a good thing, too, because it was so insanely hot that by the time we got home, our blackberries had gone completely rancid! They smelled like vinegar and tasted disgusting. The blackberry pie I had been planning to make with them became only a fantasy, but we still had loads of fresh blueberries and lots of great memories that I'd take over blackberry pie any day.

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