Friday, May 10, 2019

It's Great to be Eight

A few weeks ago Wesley and I went to "It's Great to be Eight," a meeting geared toward helping prepare the kids turning eight this year for their baptisms.
Watching Wesley and his Primary classmates together was so sweet.
Eight is such a special age in our church!
Baptism is at age eight because by then kids are old enough to know right from wrong and they become accountable for their choices.
They each make the decision independently to be baptized and make special promises to Heavenly Father to keep the commandments, always remember Him, and serve God and others throughout our lives.
Wesley is preparing for his baptism by reading the Book of Mormon each night--he's set to finish before his baptism!

The meeting had a rainbow theme and, in addition to the cute decorations and themed refreshments (cutest little rainbow fruit kabobs!), each child was given an enormous rainbow lollipop wrapped up with a bunch of know, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
Wesley was delighted.
Well, I am not fond at all of sticky candy.
In fact, I cringe at the very sight of lollipops.
Even so, I just had to get some pictures of him with his giant candy!

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