Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Caution Tape

We all burst out laughing (including Talmage) when we looked at the picture Talmage's teacher sent me from a school pep rally:

The kids were evidently told to scream as loud as they could and Talmage took that charge seriously.
This boy is such a thinker and he is intense about everything he does.
He is an inventor and makes things out of paper, cardboard, tape, straws, milk jugs, toilet paper rolls, and whatever other supplies he can scrounge up constantly--almost every day.
On Monday I was in my bedroom when I heard a crash and the telltale sound of a plate shattering.
I took a breath and waited for a child to come report.
Sure enough, Talmage's sheepish face peeked into my bedroom moments later and he reported that he had accidentally knocked a plate onto the floor.
"Okay, are you going to clean it up?" I asked.
He answered in the affirmative and set off to take care of the mess.

A while later I walked into the kitchen and, to my amusement, discovered that before he had cleaned up the broken plate, he had made caution tape and taped it over the entrance to the kitchen, along with a sign that said,

He also amazed me last fall by pointing out a mathematical property he had discovered--
the product of a number squared is always one number more than the product of the numbers one less and one more than the original number. 
For example:



I asked him how he figured that out and he said he was just thinking about multiplication one day and it occurred to him.
We now refer to this idea as the "Talmagean Theorem."

Field Day here is just as intense as my boy, with try-outs, matching shirts, a parade, an awards ceremony, and fierce competition.
It was fun to watch Talmage and Wesley compete!
The room mother for Talmage's class sent pictures of him and I had to smile at the intensity displayed on his face in every single photo.
This boy puts his whole heart into everything he does!
He amazes me.


  1. We were talking to someone from the stake last night and Talmage was mentioned because she remembered him and his stellar singing from a time when she was in our ward three years ago!!

    1. Hahaha, that's so funny! Unfortunately he no longer belts out the songs the way he did at age 5... :D


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