Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Hammock

When I was about to meet Sam's family for the first time,
I was a little intimidated.
He had told me about his six siblings and the line-up of wow-worthy traits was pretty long:
-astrophysicist (who now works for Google)
-geologist saving the coastline of the Eastern United States
-Harvard graduate
-Washington, DC social worker and marriage therapist
-world traveler
-multiple graduate degrees
-fluent in several languages
-missionary in Guatemala

They were so accomplished...what would they think of me, the 19-year-old baby who was about to marry their brother??
Thankfully, they all welcomed me with open arms and it turned out that they were super-nice as well as super-accomplished!
We are excited to spend the next few days with one of his sisters and her family. 
This year for Christmas she sent us a hammock! I set it up inside with the intention of moving it outdoors when I was finished but...it was cold outside
and the hammock was so fun
and the boys were loving it
and I realized it was a great way to help with the Winter stir-craziness
and we had an open area in the house
and so we left it indoors.

The kids have had SO much fun swinging in the hammock for the past few months!
They have all kinds of tricks they can do with it,
they make Benson belly-laugh SO HARD when they swing him in it,
and on the rare occasion Sam or I get to use it we're pretty happy campers, too!
It is seriously comfy.
Plus, it all collapses down into a little carrying bag so we can take it camping or whatever and literally be happy campers. So fun!

I think my favorite thing, though, is to see boys absorbed in books in it.
It's a really frequent sight.

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