Friday, April 5, 2019

Sunday Afternoons

With long Sunday afternoons this year, we have been having a lot of fun together as a family doing activities to help us grow closer to each other and to the Savior and increase in our understanding of Gospel principles.

A few activities I snapped photos of:

Sam is having the boys act out the entire Book of Mormon and making video recordings of each scene. They have done about 12-15 scenes so far and they are still in 1 Nephi! They have been so enchanted by this activity and they love putting together props and adding their own creative touches.
When they were acting out the story of Nephi's broken bow, Talmage was playing the part of Laman or Lemuel (one of the angry brothers), and when the bow broke he threw his fork and said angrily, "We're not going to need this anymore!" Haha!
(The Book of Mormon is a record of the people of Ancient American and Christ's visit to them. Like The Bible, it includes both historical narratives and those with a more spiritual focus.)

General Conference is this weekend and we are soo excited!!
After Conference in October, Sam had the boys make lego temples and we put them all over our world map in the locations new temples were announced, as well as in many places temples currently exist. The boys loooved this one!

One of their favorite activities is making scripture stories out of peanut butter play-dough. Then we try to guess what story is depicted.

I was going a bit crazy on this day so I put the boys to work making collages out of religious pictures. Then they taught us about them in Family Home Evening.

We have been loving the Come, Follow Me manual for studying the New Testament together as a family on Sunday evenings! On this night we talked about how we should let our light shine. Then each of us got to light a candle and hold it as we shared our testimony of the Gospel. When we were finished, the candles were all flickering together and we discussed how we could fill the world with light by sharing our testimony of Jesus Christ.
Candles are magical!

My sister Breanne finished the book club she was doing with the kids last year. This year they are supposed to do something to make the world more beautiful each month, in line with the cute story Miss Rumphius, and then send her a picture of what they did. Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to pull out the art supplies and let the kids send make their pictures!
(And we are behind...sorry, Breanne! They'll be coming your way soon!)

I made four goals this year--one goal for each of the four major areas of life: wife, mother, personal, and disciple. My goal for my "mother" area was to create happier Sundays.
We believe that the Sabbath is a holy day and we try to limit activities that disrupt the spirit of reverence we try to have in our home throughout the day. I'm sure you can imagine that this is a difficult thing for 5 little boys.
We're still working on it, but I feel like we're improving at becoming more focused and purposeful with the time we have together. Thanks largely to Sam and his brilliant ideas (and stamina for doing fun things with the kids), they are learning to love the Gospel.
And that makes for one happy Mama.


  1. I just wrote a long message just to have it disappear when I hit publish. It asked me to give my blogger name too. Oh well, I just want you to know you and Sam are the best parents these boys could have and I am proud of all that you do to strengthen them spiritually. They need that to endure to the end and to be good parents themselves.


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