Monday, April 8, 2019

Resurrection Gardens and the Temple

Today we had a bunch of people over to make resurrection gardens!
We planted grass seed in the dirt around the tomb, and each day as the kids water it we will repeat John 3:16 together and talk about how the Savior gives us new life. It was such a fun project!

This evening the kids opened the picture of Christ cleansing the temple and we read John's account and then watched the Bible video. We then talked about three kinds of temples in our lives: the temple building, our homes, and our bodies. We talked about what we need to do to keep these temples pure and we discussed the Memphis temple open house that we will be able to attend next week! Then we showed the kids the temple video below.
When it was finished, Lincoln said, "That song was so beautiful it LITERALLY massaged me!"
I have to agree with his sentiments. That song always stirs the deepest feelings of reverence and yearning for Heaven within my soul. I'm so grateful to have bits of Heaven on Earth.

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