Friday, March 22, 2019

In Search of Crumbs

This afternoon I discovered a package from my mom sitting on my doorstep.
I had asked her to send me something for a project I'm working on, but in typical Grandma-fashion she included a few "extras."

My mom works at Old Grist Mill, a local Utah bakery and cafe.
And they have the BEST lemon cookies--about as big as my face, perfectly chewy and soft, the most wonderful combination of zesty and sweet. An OGM lemon cookie is one of my favorite foods on the planet.
And as I ripped the tape off the package and opened the box, THERE, right on top, were SIX of these delightful concoctions.
My eyes got wide, I "ooohed" and "ahhhed" and immediately began shoving pieces of sunshine into my mouth, "mmm"-ing in the most ridiculous fashion as I sat on the floor.
Eventually I handed the boys their cookies and set Sam's aside and relished in the after-taste of my cookie.
And then I walked through the house in search of little bits of cookie my kids had dropped, eating them off the floor.

True story.
Happy Friday.

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