Tuesday, March 12, 2019

10 Years

December 27 was our 10 year anniversary!
Ready to watch us grow up??

I've lost my baby face and we've got a few new lines around our eyes,
but I think our appearances haven't changed too drastically.
BUT after 5 kids and 10 years, we've changed a lot more than our appearances may let on.
We've grown in our faith, our parenting, our love, and our perspective.

A while back I told Sam that falling in love was like riding a roller coaster blindfolded.
It was super exciting and thrilling and I didn't know what was ahead and there were jolts in my stomach and rushes of emotion I'd never before felt.
But more seasoned love is like sitting in the warm glow of a Christmas tree, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, sipping hot chocolate.
It's comforting, it's reassuring, it's steady, it's sentimental, and it feels just like home.
The roller coaster ride was a good ride--a fun ride.
But the kind of happiness, contentment, and unity I feel now is like none other.


  1. I like your analogies for love a lot!

  2. Such wonderful pictures! You and Sam are so cute together and it's obvious you were meant to be together. Both of you are a wonderful testament to how well you were raised and that has been passed on to your amazing children. What this world needs is more parents like you and yours. Then the children of the world would have a much better chance of being able to endure this life and be good people too.


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