Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wesley is 7

Wesley is 7!!
He is as sweet as sugar, and his birthday was simple and enjoyed by all.
We started the day with waffles
and he marched off to school as happy as could be.
We were planning to meet him at school for lunch
and when he walked into the lunchroom with his birthday crown on he was exploding with joy.

We ate lemon broccoli bowtie pasta and french bread for dinner and then had his cake
(decorated as he requested with a BYU football helmet sculpted out of rice krispie treats)
and he opened presents.
Wesley gives THE. BEST. reactions to gifts. Those faces can't be beat!!

We were cracking up to see his excitement over a Christmas piano book.
I started teaching Wesley piano around the beginning of the summer and he has surprised me by flying through songs and figuring out how to play well beyond his assigned level. The other day he sat down with a Primary songbook and started playing both hands together (!!) and he also started playing the beginning chords of "Praise to the Man" just by ear. He told me he sometimes figures songs out in his head while he's at school. I think music is his natural gift!

Even with that excitement over the piano book, though, he was probably most excited about his remote control car.

Wesley is a pure delight to have in our family.
As a baby, we noticed how he seemed to have an unusual brightness and innocence about him. With his blonde hair, bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and sunshine-y disposition, he seemed to literally exude light.
At 7 years old, he has not lost that sweet innocence and we are grateful for his goodness every day.

-Wesley loves school. He has amazing penmanship and when I asked what the best part of his day was recently, he replied by listing every part of school...he loves it all!

-He is quite the little artist! He has a really distinct style of drawing and effortlessly draws detailed scenes filled with emotion.

-He loves to read and can often be found curled up somewhere reading (or reading in any one of a number of unusual positions, such as standing on his head with his lower body propped up on the couch).

-He is super good at staying on task. He will wake up to his alarm, get totally ready for school, and then come downstairs and begin making his lunch without being asked.

-Wesley loves foods from the bread family. His favorite dinners are avocado pasta and lemon broccoli bowtie pasta and he is ecstatic on the rare occasion I pick up a loaf of french bread--he will eat almost the entire loaf himself!

-He also loves babies. He enjoys playing with Benson and getting him to smile, just as he enjoyed being with Maxwell.

-Wesley is a peacemaker. He is easy to get along with and is a mellow, kind friend.

-He has the most contagious laugh and when he starts giggling he gets all of us going.

We are so grateful to have Wes in our family--I don't know where we would be without him!

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