Thursday, January 10, 2019

Talmage's Birthday Party

As I mentioned before, we decided on a "wilderness survival" theme for Talmage's birthday party.
I had such a blast putting it together!
We kept things pretty simple, but all the boys seemed to enjoy the activities.

Planned activities:
-making bows and arrows out of wire hangers, string, and wooden dowels
-target practice with bows and arrows
-decorating drawstring backpacks
(these were later filled with water, trail mix, bows and arrows, and birdfeeders for the boys to take home)
-plant and bug identification challenge
-obstacle course relay race
-making peanut butter/pinecone bird feeders
-disgusting food challenge

I was most looking forward to the disgusting food challenge...
what 8-10 year old boy doesn't enjoy showing bravado by gulping down disgusting things??
Sadly, as I was bidding the last guest good-bye, it dawned on me that I had forgotten to do it!!
I was so busy keeping the party going that it totally slipped my mind.
I was super disappointed.

The boys seemed to really enjoy themselves, however,
even without sardines in their mouths.
I was kept busy enough during the party that I didn't have much of a chance to take pictures!
But here are a few highlights:

We had Talmage's birthday dinner a couple of days previously, on his birthday, as a family.
He requested cheeseburgers, chocolate bran muffins, honeycrisp apples, and a BeyBlade stadium cake.
Are you familiar with BeyBlades? They are super fun tops that you wind up and then launch into a stadium and they battle each other with different abilities.
I was looking for ideas online, so the kids were looking with me and I explained that ours wouldn't look as good as the pictures I was looking at.
I was decorating his on his birthday after the wasp incident
and I was kicking myself for ever beginning to make birthday cakes that look like something.
Seriously, it takes all day and it destroys my kitchen and it seldom tastes as good as my regular cakes and I am almost never happy with the end result.
But then the boys came in to take a look.
I was met with a chorus of "Woooowww, Mom, that is incredible!!" "I bet if you put that on a cake decorating website everyone would think it was fondant!" "You got the frosting so smooth!" "That is amazing!!"
It was all so sweet, but I think I would have preferred a chorus of
"You know, we don't care if our cakes look like a non-edible object."
Even with all the little-boy encouragement,
that tradition might soon go out the window.
Here is a picture of his very mediocre cake:

9-year-old Talmage:

-is a great helper around the house and is especially good at helping Maxwell and keeping him happy with piggy back rides, making up games to play with him, and keeping him safe.

-loves studying non-fiction and memorizing facts with his near-photographic memory. He got a book of 5,000 awesome facts for Christmas and has been reciting random facts to me since then.

-is always up for trying something new, whether it's a food, an activity, or something else.

-is still a voracious reader and excels in his school work. I'm grateful for extra school programs and awesome teachers who want to challenge his brilliant mind and not accept less than what he is capable of.

-loves Scouts.

-is always thinking critically and asking "why." One day he told me he thought a watermelon sounds hollow when it's ripe because the sound waves travel more quickly through something that is juicy since it has more liquid in it. He is always coming up with things like that.

-loves creating and is constantly making cool creations out of paper, cardboard, tape, wooden skewers, etc. The latest was his own board game called "Divers vs. Sharks."

-thinks he wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up.

-just got the school character quality award for "self-discipline," because when his peers are talking at inappropriate times or speaking crudely he refrains from joining in. I was so grateful to hear that! He can be trusted to make good choices even (probably especially) when we're not around.


  1. That looks so fun, and your cake is awesome! I love that you give an update on the boys for each of their birthdays.

  2. You are such a fun mom!!! I want to have your creativity!

    1. Haha, thanks! I'm more like a little bit creative with a lot of help from Google. ;)


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