Monday, January 21, 2019

Halloween 2018

I love holidays and celebrating them with family traditions.

Except Halloween.

I am such a grinch about Halloween!
Okay, I think kids in costumes are adorable and I am super impressed by family themes
(and I always your kids just go along with it or do you force them?? because our kids are very opinionated about their costumes...).
Carving pumpkins is pretty fun, and I LOVE all the FALL fun,
but spending a ton of money on costumes and then sending my kids around the neighborhood for an enormous amount of candy to add to their stash from school, trunk or treating, and other festivities, just doesn't appeal to me much.

As a result, we have been very low-key about Halloween in the past.
This year was no different.
A friend gave me a Dopey Dwarf costume that happened to fit Benson perfectly,
and when I saw ninja costumes on clearance for $8, all my ambitions of creating Lego minifigure costumes for all of us went out the window.

The day of our church congregation's trunk-or-treat, I took Wesley on an outing to the grand opening of a large NAPA Auto Parts store where they had an amazing petting zoo, train rides, free pizza and drinks, games, bounce houses, drawings, and face painting.
Wesley got his face painted like a wolf and when I saw how cool the face painting was,
I decided I would be festive and get my face painted like a butterfly for the trunk-or-treat.
Isn't it so pretty??
Thanks, awesome face painting lady!

We started Halloween with fun spiderweb pumpkin pancakes.
That night, a bunch of friends came over to our house and we had soups and rolls before we traipsed around the neighborhood in pouring rain to hit a few houses for trick-or-treating.
After we tucked the boys into bed, Sam and I ended the night on our back patio watching the downpour. Suddenly Sam scooped me up and ran out into the rain, spinning me around and around and around.
It was a crazy evening, but lots of fun!

And that face poking out of that dwarf hat...
At this rate, I just may have a change of heart about Halloween!

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  1. It sounds like it was a fun holiday, even if it's not your favorite! I can't get over how adorable Benson is in his Dopey costume.


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