Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Glasses for Lincoln

One of Lincoln's eyes didn't pass his eye exam at his well-child visit in the Fall,
so we were referred to an optometrist.
The whole experience was new for me
(I always wanted glasses when I was young, but I've always had perfect vision!)
and I was totally fascinated by it.

It turns out he has very slight astigmatism and is also very slightly far-sighted.
He didn't really need glasses, but the doctor said it would help a little bit when he went to school.
So we picked out some frames and I just about died from the cuteness!!!
Sadly for me, he doesn't feel the need to wear them often.
But I am tickled pink on the rare occasion that he puts them on.
Doesn't he look just like the emoji with glasses?!?

1 comment:

  1. He is a spitting image of that emoji! So cute!!! I have the same problem and I always forget how good it is to wear my glasses when I'm in presentations or something like that. Then I put it on and it's an Arthur type experience when all of the sudden everything is more clear.


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