Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Dog Days of Summer

We've been enduring the dog days of Summer lately,
and popsicle time on the swing was a frequent occurrence.
the weather totally surprised us by plummeting in temperatures this week.
Today it was in the 60s and it felt GLORIOUS!!!
I have been keeping the windows and door open and sitting outside, enjoying the chill on my arms and the crisp feeling in the air.

We are making plans for apple picking, caramel apple dipping, birthdays and parties, and General Conference all while feeling such nostalgia over the fact that TEN years ago we were dating and falling in love.
I always missed Utah the most at this time of year when we lived in Texas,
but here in Tennessee we still get chilly nights and the leaves change colors so I'm a happy camper.

Yesterday evening I walked into the backyard to find a number of kids from the neighborhood perched on the jungle gym, playing with the boys in the beautiful weather.
I was baking brownies inside, the baby was curled up asleep nearby, Maxwell toddled around happily pretending he was every bit as big as everyone else, and frequent melodies were performed on the piano by passers-by.
Altogether, it was a loud, busy jangle.
When it was time to tell friends good-bye and Talmage happily said, "See y'all later!"
a feeling of perfect contentment settled upon me.
I'm so grateful for change.

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