Monday, September 17, 2018


Lately I've been working on mindful eating with myself and the kids.
When we eat, we often discuss the sources of the food we are eating.
We'll talk about bees and all the work they do to produce honey
or we'll look up peanut or oat plants and learn more about them.
We talk about how much of the world's cocoa bean harvest comes from Africa and how many cocoa bean farmers have never even tasted chocolate.

With myself, I've tried to be more mindful about why I'm eating.
Am I bored? Tired? Craving sugar? Actually hungry?
As I consider the source of my food and the processes it has gone through to be before me,
I have found myself actually being more easily physically satisfied.
Eating mindfully has helped me feel gratitude instead of gluttony and I have a new appreciation for all food, but especially plants.

Does that sound cheesy?
Maybe it does, but it's made for some interesting discussions with the boys, anyway.
So the other day Talmage was saying the breakfast prayer and he said,
"Thank Thee for the farmers who grew the wheat and thank Thee for the people who milked the cows and thank Thee for the people who pasteurized it."

Pasteurized it?
I was surprised by that one, because we hadn't ever discussed that before.
I don't know where these boys learn so many things that come out of their mouths.
Teach a child to read and you give them the world.


  1. You are such an example to me!! Thank you for always sharing what you are doing so I have ideas for being more intentional and teaching my kids!

    1. Funny that you would say that because I feel like you are the master of being intentional and deliberate with your family!! You guys always seem so on the ball. We are kind of just flying along by the seats of our pants right now, putting out whatever fire happens to pop up in front of us.


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