Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gold Mine of Moms

It's an interesting thing
that one of the hardest parts about living away from family is also one of my favorite parts.
And that has to do with the need to rely on friends for help.

It's hard.
It's hard when I have to write down emergency contacts while registering my kids for school just a few days after arriving here and I find myself asking a couple of people I spoke to for only a couple of minutes at Church if I can write their names down.
It's hard to swallow my pride and ask people I hardly know if they can help watch my kids while I go to prenatal checkups.
It's hard to make arrangements with a list of people to watch our kids if our baby happens to be born before my mom arrives.
It's hard to feel like I'm inconveniencing people when I have to ask them to pick me and my kids up from the car shop.
It's hard for me, as a fairly introverted person, to reach outward and form connections and make friends.

It's also amazing to form those connections,
to give our kids opportunities to make lasting friends,
and to find myself becoming more vulnerable and genuine in my conversations as I speak to friends about some of the deepest matters of my heart.

One day we were at playgroup and another woman happened to be at the park.
We began talking to her and another mom put her on the contact list for future playgroups.
A couple of weeks later she joined us for playgroup and when I mentioned that I was glad she came she said, "It's like a gold mine of moms!"
And it's true.
I feel so grateful to have an instant "gold mine of moms" wherever I go in the world to support me through this crazy process of raising kids. Although the mom groups from Church may not be an official part of our doctrine, I have felt my testimony strengthened time and time again as I see real examples of charity around me.
Because as sisters in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we strive to live our motto:
"Charity never faileth."

So from playgroup to play dates,
from making chocolates in my kitchen to pool parties in backyards,
from storytime at the library to monthly dinners with friends,
from Easter egg hunts to cookies-and-milk chats to nature center visits to Christmas dinners,
I am so grateful for my "gold mine" here in Tennessee.

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