Friday, September 7, 2018

Bits and Pieces of Life

1-We celebrated Lincoln's 5th birthday this week! Details to come, but he is pretty ecstatic to be 5. I toyed with the idea of putting him in Kindergarten early since he barely missed the cut-off and he is more than ready academically. But then I remembered how I felt like the worst mom during my pregnancy with Benson and I decided we could both benefit from another year together. He's more than a little bored without his brothers but we are gradually getting into our groove.

2-Wesley reads in the most random, entertaining positions. I can't tell you how often I've walked into a room to find him reading upside down or in "down dog" position, bent over on the couch.

3-I am loving the extra time to spend with my little ones now that school has decreased the chaos at home a little bit. The other day we built a blanket fort and then brought in the star projector (thanks, Aunt Kellie!) and it was the most magical blanket fort ever.

4-Maxwell has been teething (those canines sure took their sweet time coming in) and thus has been demonstrating just how wild and crazy his 2-year-old tantrums can be. They're QUITE impressive. (But check out that goofy yogurt-face grin!)

5-I've realized that I tend to expect a lot out of our kids. This can be a good thing because I feel like they often measure up and fulfill their potential, but it can also cause a lot of undue frustration on my part because I forget that certain behaviors are the nature of little children and I think they shouldn't exist (like whining, arguing, and trying to avoid work). When I noticed that our kids were rushing through chores and trying to do the bare minimum, I talked to Sam about it in our weekly couple council meeting and we started brainstorming ways to get them to do more. Eventually we decided to let the kids each earn a reading lamp and then, if I see them going above-and-beyond in their work, they can earn "extra-mile minutes" where they get to stay up and read for 10 minutes past bedtime with their special lamp. The kids were ECSTATIC (and so was I, when I found reading lamps on clearance at Target for $1.50!). Yesterday Wesley asked me to come watch him vacuum the stairs and it brought a smile to my face to see him carefully vacuum each stair and then look at me with anticipation as he rubbed his hand all over the carpet to check for any bits he missed. I'm not usually big on rewards systems for kids meeting expectations, but I think this one just might be a keeper.

6-The kids' school offers so many clubs to such little kids! I've been surprised as they've brought home permission slips for jogging club, STEAM club (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math...Sam and I were like, "Oh, so basically just learning club?"), Around the World club, Ultimate Frisbee club, Manners club, Tech club, etc. It's so nice to be here at the beginning of the school year to get all of the announcements and papers with rules and routines. All last year we felt a little discombobulated after coming part-way through.

7-Chubby baby toes and rainy days are some of my favorite things. Sitting on the porch swing enjoying both is one of my favorite pastimes!

8-Lincoln drew the picture below one day (He wrote he was sad because no one was around to play with him when he drew it, apparently). The boys have their swords and shields, Sam has his machete, and I am armed with...a cooking pot and a baby!!! Look out, world! Like I told my sister, I like to think I am saving the world one baby and one home-cooked meal at a time. ;)

Happy Weekend!

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