Friday, August 3, 2018

Sick Birthday Boy

Today is Maxwell's 2nd birthday.
It's a good thing we celebrated with Sam's mom and sister last week when they were in town
(more on that later!)
because Maxwell has been sick and throwing up the past three days.

The poor boy has alternated between throwing up, seeming perfectly normal, and screaming with fury because I put juice in his sippy cup instead of leaving it in the juice pouch.
Yesterday morning I walked out of the master bathroom to find him lying on a blanket on the floor of our bedroom, fast asleep with a die he had been carrying around clutched tightly in his hand.
Somehow the sight of that little die in his chubby hand just broke my heart.
It only added to his innocence and helplessness.

So sorry your year has started out a bit rough, birthday boy.
Welcome to the terrific twos!

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