Sunday, August 5, 2018

Not My Favorite

Today wasn't my favorite.

Maxwell had a very nasty diaper situation at Church that got all over the place.
The boys were rough playing inside and knocked my new centerpiece off the table, breaking it.
Benson was fussy and wanted to be held when I needed to make dinner and Sam was gone.
Every room of the house was a disaster zone.
Somehow the boys ended up making "brown bubble solution" outside (brown=mud) instead of doing an uplifting Sabbath activity inside, which got them filthy (including Talmage's freshly dry-cleaned pants).
I came out from nursing Benson to find Lincoln hauling dirty rain boots filled with water from the bathroom to the bubble making station (and sloshing lots on the carpet).
Dinner burned.
My right leg hasn't been the same since my pregnancy with Benson and the pain in it flared up badly today.
I had so many interruptions that the rolls weren't finished until we had already finished eating dinner (they became a bedtime snack).
Sam wasn't feeling well.
Maxwell fell and got a scrape and goose egg on his forehead.
Various boys screamed, "OWWWWW!!!!!" all afternoon with about 20 injuries.
Lincoln started shrieking upstairs when he was supposed to be getting pajamas on. I found him stark naked and crying because "I tried to kick Wesley and I hurt my foot!"
I ate too many cookies trying to cope with it all.

I found a good multigrain roll recipe!
I was patient with the boys!
Testimonies at Church were beautiful!
My family loves me!
Boys in bowties are adorable!
The weather was relatively cool for this time of year!
And sleeping each night is a miraculous thing!

Here's to a better day tomorrow.

(Side note: I'm trying REALLY hard to get blogging again. I cherish the experiences I've been able to record in the past and I want to do more!)


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a pretty rough day! I admire your ability to see the positive anyway. Here's hoping tomorrow is a little better.

  2. Kaitlyn, you are amazing! I raised one son and I can only imagine how all of your boy's keep you on your toes. They are so blessed to have you and Sam as their parents. It does my heart good when I read your posts. I feel lucky to be able to experience your days and time with your family. I know it's not easy to do all that you do, but, your example lifts my heart and soul, as I watch other people struggle with life and see how their children are left to find their own way, or worse, they are led down a dark path by their own parents. May Heavenly Father continue to give you all that you need to continue being the amazing woman and mother that you are.


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