Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Maxwell's Second Birthday

Sam's mom and sister were in town the week before Maxwell's birthday, so we decided to celebrate while they were here. The following week when he was sick and throwing up on his birthday, I was extra glad we had celebrated early!
We decided that instead of presents we would get a family zoo membership.
I just picked up a simple set of toy zoo animals for him to open and he was totally delighted by them,
and we went to the zoo with Grandma and Aunt Kellie, which was lots of fun!
They picked up the balloon bouquet for Maxwell to enjoy and filled the house with lots more balloons besides.
Maxwell is completely enamored by all animals and his reactions to them are hilarious.
I'm excited to have a year of lots of zoo visits with our animal lover!

A few tidbits about Maxwell at age 2:

-His talking is finally starting to take off and I love getting a glimpse of what is going on in his mind. I love how he says, "shanks!" when we give him compliments or items, how he shrieks, "WHAT?!," how he loudly exclaims, "BUS!" every time he sees one, how he tells me to "wook!" at things, and how the other day, when I was changing his diaper and he didn't want me to hold onto his legs, he said very slowly and adamantly, "WET...GO." He has a deep, husky voice that cracks us up to no end.

-He is an observer. He generally prefers to sit back and watch new experiences for a while before jumping in, but then he knows exactly how to do what he sets out to do once he gives it a go.

-He seems to have a logical mind. I say he's like a little engineer because he seems to have a natural grasp of numerical and spatial reasoning. We have a set of 12 blocks with 3 different sizes of balls inside of them. Shortly after his first birthday, he made 3 towers of 4 blocks, and I realized that he had stacked only the blocks with the same size balls in each tower. He loves order and patterns.

-He is kind of a clean freak and will frequently clean things up without being asked or bring stray items in from the car when we come into the house. He especially hates having things on his hands and got really mad when he saw sores all over them during his bout with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

-He loves animals and does hilarious imitations of them, he loves balls of any kind. He adores music and has hysterical dance moves and he frequently asks me to play the "I Am a Child of God" music video.

-He is totally enamored by his big brothers and follows them around everywhere, but he can also deliver an amazingly hard punch when he feels something is unjust. He has a very special love of Benson and I often say, "Were you just waiting for your best friend to arrive?" because the two of them seem to share a really special bond. Benson is happily fascinated by Maxwell despite the often less-than-soft touches.

-And one last story that demonstrates his orderly nature: A couple of weeks ago I was making cookies and realized I didn't have one ingredient so I ran to the store, taking Maxwell with me and leaving the other kids with Sam. I was in a huge rush, as Sam and I were about to leave on a date and I needed to finish the cookies so we could deliver them, so we booked it in and out of the store and then I buckled Maxwell into his carseat. As I started the car, Maxwell began pointing out the window and shouting, "NOOOO!!! NO!" I said some soothing words and continued on our way home, only to arrive and realize that I had left our groceries in the cart! I hadn't noticed, but the almost-2-year-old had!

We love our little Maxwell boy!


  1. So did you have to go back and get the groceries? Were they still in the cart??

    1. Haha, yes! I went back and they were still in the cart. :)


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