Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Grandma Sue and Aunt Kellie's Visit

A few weeks ago,
we were so lucky to have Sam's mom and sister come visit us!

A few highlights:
-We visited the zoo where the boys got to pet a baby crocodile and see a zookeeper hold a baby alligator snapping turtle. They also loved seeing the HUGE komodo dragons!
-We celebrated Maxwell's birthday and the boys loved the balloons Aunt Kellie and Grandma Sue got for them! Maxwell carried one purple balloon around to our activities the following day, super attached to it.
-Sam took Kellie and the older boys to "hike" (it's always weird to call it a hike when it's not in the mountains) along Stanky Creek. Seriously. That's the real name.
-We visited the Riverwalk Park where the boys got soaked from head to toe which made for a very chilly time at lunch at City Silo afterward (thanks, Kellie!). The restaurant had super yummy health food and we enjoyed acai bowls, super delicious sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and smoothies. Memphis is a lot more of a BBQ destination than a place for health food. At the risk of ostracizing our family from our fellow Memphians, I will say that Sam and I aren't big meat eaters so BBQ doesn't have much appeal to us. City Silo provided me with lots of new dinnertime inspiration.
-We had a pretty awesome game of Cranium (my favorite!) one night after the boys were in bed.
-We went to Church where Sam's mom and I randomly provided the object lesson to illustrate Ruth and Naomi.
-Grandma Sue told the boys about being chased by a headless chicken, so naturally they all put their shirts up over their heads and became crazy headless chickens themselves.
-The boys had a water fight with the new water guns from Grandma.
-Kellie and Grandma made us an amazing gourmet meal for Sunday dinner--almond flour wraps with hummus and arugula, provencal chicken, roasted rutabaga, and super delicious strawberry endive boats with goat cheese and honey!

It's always a bit sad to say good-bye, but we were able to wave and say, "See you in 4 1/2 months!" because our Christmas visit is on the horizon!! We're so excited!
My sister is flying here for a visit today--we are getting spoiled with a summer full of family visits!

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