Monday, August 13, 2018

Another Beginning

Today was the kids' first day back at school.
The summer passed way too fast, but it's kind of nice that they start back up as early as they do because they get 6-7 weeks of holidays throughout the year.
The boys had a great first day back.
Actually, they thought all the administrative stuff was pretty boring
and Wesley's class didn't go out for recess for some unknown reason
(don't get me started on the lack of recess here...I will give you an earful!).

But they like their teachers and they have friends in their classes and we're all set to have another great year.
Lincoln was, naturally, dreading this day.
He misses his brothers so much when they are at school.
But when we were school supply shopping we bought him some new paints (and we got new scissors for Maxwell), so soon after they had gone to school he was at the table, painting away his woes.

We spent most of the day preparing for our Back to School feast we had this evening.
I long for good dining accommodations outside because there is just something magical about eating outdoors,
but this year we settled to have the feast in the dining room.
I covered the dining table with brown paper and scattered new markers and colored pencils all over it and the boys LOVED drawing before and throughout dinner!
They each got to choose a favorite dish to have, so we enjoyed
baked potatoes with the fixin's (Talmage)
lemon broccoli and bowties (Wesley)
scrambled eggs (Lincoln)
multigrain rolls
and homemade root beer (flat, because apparently dry ice is not a thing in Memphis).
For dessert we enjoyed caramel truffle snickerdoodle Smart Cookies.
Smart Cookie used to be located just off the BYU Campus when Sam and I were students, so early on in our relationship we went on a date there.
It's had kind of a nostalgic feel ever since, and we even went back for my birthday a few years ago.
We made our own "smart cookies" for tonight to coincide with the school theme.
The boys had eaten themselves sick with their favorite foods, though, so they could each only handle a couple of bites before they stuffed their leftover dessert into bags and put them in the freezer!

They loved the new books they each got to open,
and we introduced this year's family theme:
Establish a house,
even a house of prayer,
a house of fasting,
a house of faith,
a house of learning,
a house of glory,
a house of order,
a house of God.

We plan to incorporate our theme into our goals and requests in our home throughout the year
to help our home be a holier place.
The celebration was relatively simple,
but the boys were happy, happy, happy about it all
so I felt much the same despite the less-than-beautiful display.

Here's to a new school year!

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  1. Umm I LOVE that rainbow that Lincoln painted. One of these days he should paint me a picture that I can hang up in my office and/or on my fridge...I need new art! :)


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