Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Point of Insanity

On Monday Sam made the comment to me that he'd always wanted to get to the point of insanity with our kids. With 4 kids, he continued, it felt like we had things pretty well under control. But now we have reached the point where things are just insane and he loves it.

That pretty well sums up the past 7 weeks.

As if to reinforce his statement, Maxwell came down with a terrible case of hand, foot, and mouth disease today. He's feverish, lethargic, and shrieks with pain throughout the day.
Medicine gives him about an hour of relief before he's miserable again.
It's been a heartbreaking day and I've spent the bulk of it cuddling my two babies--something I'm more than willing to do and something that, thankfully, the older three boys are incredibly patient with.

Just don't call Maxwell a "poor baby," or you'll quickly be corrected by Lincoln.
"No, poor toddler!!" he'll tell you adamantly.


  1. Poor Maxwell! I hope he gets better soon and that the insanity is somewhat manageable. ;)

  2. Oh no!! I hope Maxwell feels better soon!


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