Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Overton Park

Memphis has a couple of really amazing, innovative parks that I have come to love!
One day before school was out, I took Lincoln, Maxwell, and Benson to Overton Park to check out Rainbow Lake Playground. It was so cool!!
From the awesome elevated rope bridge to the tuned drum circle to the metal sculptures you could dump gravel into to make a fun musical sound, the entire park was so fun and well kept up.
The trees and the lake were gorgeous, the swings were relaxing, and the large maze of walkways with telephone pipes was entertaining.
I was just wishing I had brought my camera, but my phone had to suffice!

When we first moved here, I didn't think we would do too much in the downtown area of Memphis because I had read so much hype about the crime.
But the more we venture out, the more I discover what an amazing city it is and how unscary most of it is.
It's a great place for our family right now!

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