Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Found Something Delicious

Benson is now 2 months old
(and 14 1/2 pounds!),
which means that every so often I have a day when I feel like I'm pretty on top of things.

But then I'm quickly humbled by a sequence of days when I'm falling asleep spontaneously,
my to-do list is largely untouched,
the laundry is stacking up,
my hair is a wreck,
and (to quote Rachel Jankovic) my floors look like the bottom of the toaster.

This week has been more like the latter description,
and this morning I shut myself in my bedroom and nursed the baby and took care of some administrative things that have been neglected for too long.
(Like filing a claim with the bank...anyone else super sad about Zaycon's bankruptcy??)
I was having a "bad mom" moment, mentally...feeling badly about my lack of attention toward my kids this week.
I was on hold on the phone, they were playing something outside, Maxwell desperately needed a diaper change and was still wearing his pajama shirt, and the couch cushions and pillows were strewn about the living room.

And then there was a little knock at my door.
"Mom, I found something delicious in the fridge...can we share it?"
Further probing revealed the nature of the treasure:
a Milka Oreo candy bar from the package my mom had sent for Valentine's Day.
Bad mom guilt overrode the usual rules regarding candy
(plus, I should encourage sharing, right?!)
and I called out, "Sure!" and then finished my business in the bedroom before emerging to confront the disaster that surely awaited me.

Pictures were taped on the wall outside the bedroom door and secretive smiles were exchanged between the boys as Talmage called out, "Wait, Mom!! We're not done!"
I was banished back to my bedroom to await their knock signaling me to come out,
and the boys finished their surprise.
When their telltale knock rang out, I opened the door to be showered with a cupful of homemade confetti.
Pictures and cards from the boys adorned the wall, proclaiming me the "Mom of the Year!" and thanking me for the chocolate bar.
They had even recruited Maxwell to scribble on a crumpled piece of paper.
Wesley burst into a song from his Kindergarten program, singing out, "Weeee appreciate you, we think you are NEAT! Weeeee appreciate you, yeah, you can't be BEAT! You make us so happy in the things you say and do, oh, we-eeee appreciate YOU!"

It all pushed me to think, once again, of how undeserving I am of these little people.
Quite honestly, they're often the sweetest when I am at my worst.

Also, with a response like this...should I maybe revisit our policy about candy-eating?!


  1. That is too cute. Your kids are so sweet and thoughtful, just like their parents!


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