Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Winning at Life

Our holiday traditions thus far this year have been some of the lamest in my mothering history.
Because right now I'm the epitome of lame.
On St. Patrick's Day, for example, I didn't even wear green, let alone make our usual green dinner.
But that's okay,
because halfway through the day Talmage and Wesley remembered it was St. Patrick's Day
and immediately donned green clothes.
And then Talmage found a 4-leaf clover in our yard (lucky!).
And then the boys started picking wildflowers and bringing them to me in bouquets.
And then Wesley decided to make me a clover crown and I was officially crowned queen of St. Patrick's Day.

So I basically feel like I'm winning at life.


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  2. Those boys are so great! I love that they took it upon themselves to do things to celebrate and weren't even upset. And yes, I would agree that you are winning at life!


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