Wednesday, April 4, 2018

38 Weeks

Today I am 38 weeks, 2 days along with baby boy.
I feel like I look just the same as I have with all my other pregnancies (even my 10 lb baby),
but each time I would go to the doctor he would remark that I looked small/the baby seemed little and then at about 35 weeks I began measuring small. It was only mildly concerning at that appointment,
but then at my 37 week appointment my measurement dropped several centimeters to be only 32 centimeters.
The doctor was concerned enough that he sent me in for an ultrasound right then.
The baby was measuring in the normal range (about 6.5 pounds), but apparently his head dropped down far enough that it caused the measurement to go down significantly.
The doctor wasn't worried but of course I convinced myself that our baby was shrinking and something terrible was going to happen despite all reassurances to the contrary.
So I was greatly relieved this morning when I measured 36 centimeters and it looks like baby boy will be just fine!
The doctor is certain he won't be another big one, though.

A few tidbits for me to remember:
I am staying busy by eating Blue Bell ice cream and taking a nap pretty much every day.
I've only recently started struggling with insomnia, which is great since that has been a part of my previous pregnancies from early on!
I'm having lots of contractions and am dilated to 2 cm (but I usually dilate early, so that means very little).
My sweet friend treated me to a pedicure last night so I can have pretty toes in the hospital.
Maxwell is getting annoyed that my stomach is in the way when he sits on my lap so he sometimes turns and hits it in frustration--hope that's not an early indication of how he'll respond to the baby!
My mom will arrive on the 19th (my due date is the 16th), so a big part of me hopes he is a few days late just like his brothers so she will be here. It would definitely simplify things with our other kids if Grammy was here already!
Lincoln is totally set on naming the baby "Henry," although Sam and I have never talked about that name as a possibility. It won't really shock me if he decides to call him that anyway after he's born because, well, he's Lincoln.
My induction date is set for the 24th and I am REALLY hoping I don't make it that far because I am NOT a fan of induction. Like, at all. I had a terrible experience with it when Lincoln was born and I am hoping and praying he comes on his own before then.

We're so excited to meet you, baby!!!

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