Sunday, March 4, 2018

Good for my Soul

This weekend was so good for my soul...
I forget how much warm, sunshine-y weather with a light breeze breathes life into my soul.
And then Spring comes again each year and I am startled by the peace I feel as I soak in the sun's glorious rays and watch the world burst into bloom around me.

This weekend was filled with good friends at the park, family night out at Cici's pizza, another park outing, a great book, a morning with Wesley at an art class in the midst of a stunning array of gardens, frozen yogurt, sports in the backyard, two much-needed naps, friends over for dinner, beautiful testimonies, peace-giving music, Aunt Breanne's book club on FaceTime, and a Spirit-filled evening as we watched The Testaments and then read in 3 Nephi about Christ coming to visit the people in the land Bountiful.

All this was done with a backdrop of blossoming trees around every corner, showcasing their blossoms through the forests that surround us with leaves budding on the countless tree branches and grass that is beginning to turn green again.
(Side note: is it totally weird that I am filled with joy whenever I smell fertilizer? Something about that chemical blend just fills me with satisfaction and peace!)

Springtime in Tennessee is not disappointing me,
and this lovely land is feeling more like home by the minute.

Also:  Baby boy #5 is due just 6 WEEKS from tomorrow! We can do this!


  1. You forgot "FaceTiming with an awesome sister/aunt" ;)

    1. Ha, you're right!! I'll have to add that in...seriously, the book club is awesome.


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