Monday, February 26, 2018

Walkin' in Memphis

Last month my sister called and informed me that she had purchased a plane ticket to come visit us over Martin Luther King Day!
I was thrilled.
One of the best things about living away from family is the out-of-town visitors and associated fun events!
It gives us a good excuse to get out and see the sites around us.

So I was really disappointed when her flight was cancelled on our first snow day of the year.
(There ended up being 4!)
Thankfully she was able to arrange things so that she was still able to come the next day, but it ended up being a long flight with a long layover from an airport far away from her home, instead of the direct flight from the airport right by her house she had initially booked.
It was an exhausting day for her, but she finally made it here and my boys were so excited to see her they ran out to greet her barefoot in the snow.

We had all kinds of activities planned for the 3 days she would be with us.
We started the weekend with a trip to Beale Street with Sam to experience the traditional BBQ and live blues music Memphis is famous for.
We froze and slipped and slid on the ice while Sam took pictures of us.
We tried the fried pickles and laughed again over the need to tip the bathroom attendant who squirted soap on my sister's hands.
And then we raced home to get the babysitter to her next babysitting job.

The next day we had Stake Conference, and afterward Breanne and I took the oldest three boys on an excursion to Little Rock to see the high school and memorial where the Little Rock Nine became the first black students to desegregate a school in the United States.
It was a sobering sight to see and I was grateful to Breanne for taking the initiative to introduce them to more of our nation's history. Increased diversity is something I've really appreciated since moving here!
The boys were troopers for the 5-hour round-trip drive with little besides a few snacks and some music to entertain them, but by the end my sister and I were asking for a few minutes of "quiet time" every so often...
We came home and Sam, who had kept Maxwell at home, had made us all pancakes and we enjoyed dinner together.

And then everything spiraled downhill.

A sickness I had been fighting through the past couple of days escalated drastically and combined with a pre-existing condition I have that is always greatly exacerbated by pregnancy and then everything snowballed into the flu on top of it all.
I ended up spending the next day in the ER, Breanne saw the sites in Memphis by herself, Sam spent his work holiday entertaining the boys and trying to take care of me, and finally I bid Breanne farewell from bed, where I spent the next several days in a fevered haze completely racked with pain.
Sam stayed home from work and the boys got more snow days while I lay delirious and medicated in the bedroom, shaking violently from head to toe.
It was a scary time for us as we tried to figure out what was going on and what we needed to do...
we were incredibly grateful and relieved when I turned the corner and began to improve.

I am sad that Breanne's trip didn't end up being quite the adventure we had planned,
but hopefully that just gives her more reason to visit us in the near future!

Today after Lincoln's reading lesson he turned to me and exclaimed,
"You didn't fall asleep!! Thank you!"
And then this evening he stuck his stomach out and exclaimed,
"I have a baby in my tummy! I am sooo sleepy because I am pregnant!"
Clearly I'm winning at this pregnant-mom thing.
There's no doubt we're ALL very happy about the fact that there are just 7 weeks left until this little guy's due date!


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better!! It looks like you guys had fun during Breanne's visit, and it makes me excited to visit soon! :)

  2. I am so sorry that you have been sick and that it had to hit when your sister was there. This flu is scary. I know how sick I was with it and pneumonia at the same time. I cannot imagine how you were able to handle it while being pregnant. I thank Heavenly Father for bringing you out of it.

  3. So glad you're feeling better! It was a fun visit and I look forward to many in the future. :)


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