Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Cheesiest

This boy...he hit 18 months and I feel like the baby phase melted completely away,
leaving us with a hilarious toddler packed full of personality.
He LOVES to make us laugh.
Right now one my favorite things he does is his super-cheesy grin with his nose scrunched and eyes closed.
He was eating a chocolate chip cookie yesterday and I was so very pleased when I caught it on camera!

He is talking more and more, although he almost never says words when I ask him to...they have to be initiated by him the vast majority of the time.
He kicks a soccer ball across the yard repeatedly while running like a little 3-year-old which completely cracks me up.
He helps me with tools and loves trying to unload the dishwasher himself.
And he is FINALLY being a pretty consistent sleeper. (!!!!!!)

My toughest stage has passed and now I am soaking up my time with him as the baby before his new baby brother arrives. I delight in the way he grabs a book, turns himself around, and plops down in my lap. I kiss his soft cheeks about a hundred times a day. I adore his love for his daddy.
And those eyes...I can never fail to mention those deep, dark eyes that capture my heart.


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