Tuesday, February 6, 2018

18 Months

Maxwell turned 18 months old this past week.
Church Nursery, at last!
He cried for a minute at the beginning and then was happy the rest of the time-so great!
Sam is always joking about the "palm wavers" he has hired for me and when he mentioned the palm wavers that would be at Church I immediately replied, "The Nursery workers??"
They are real Saints.

-is completely and totally obsessed with balls and insists that any spherical object is a ball that he must get (like the bottom of light fixtures).
-adores dogs but is a little afraid of them when they get close, especially if they're big.
-is super picky but loves cheese and asks for it constantly.
-is happiest with his older brothers and knows how to torment Lincoln like a pro. He can also hold his own in a battle of wills very well.
-loves books and puzzles.
-watches so intently for the bus after school and then goes tearing off down the sidewalk to greet his brothers with giant hugs-melts my heart!
-goes crazy if he hears the word "shower" because he loves them so much. Don't even think about mentioning a shower and then not putting him in, or you will have a colossal fit on your hands.
-loves bike rides in his iBert baby seat (such a great seat!).
-loves music and dancing (he's currently dancing around the room).
-has the best dimples and the best grumpy face (see below). His deep, dark eyes get me every time.


  1. He's such a handsome little man! And he honestly has the best eyebrows. I love how expressive they are! ;)

  2. Also, that sweater is SO adorable!


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