Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Pouf

I am a long-term planner and a dreamer.
And when I get an idea in my head, I can be a bit obsessive until it's accomplished.
So keep those traits in mind when I tell you that I was in High School when I started thinking about buying a LoveSac to go in my room.
Not only did I like the idea of having a large, comfortable fluff-ball in my room for homework, scripture study, reading, and more,
but my dreams of marriage and motherhood were never far from the surface of my mind and I could easily envision the fun my future children would have with such a piece of furniture,
especially since I spent a good chunk of my childhood flinging myself down the stairs into a similar "pouf" that my uncles gave my parents when they were married.

It was a highlight of my childhood, to be sure.

Well, one day I looked up LoveSacs on Ebay to see what my options might be,
and lo and behold, there was someone selling a bunch of new ones from a warehouse about 40 minutes from our home.
I stewed over it for a while and finally my sister convinced me to take the plunge.
So I called, made arrangements to come pick one up, and handed over a few hundred dollars of my hard-earned money that I could never bring myself to spend.

Would I regret such a big purchase?
Me, the girl who wouldn't even spend $10 on clothing in High School?
I don't think I ever regretted it in High School,
but I can tell you that I NEVER regret it now.
I became a mom only about 4 years later, and ever since then this "pouf" has provided constant entertainment for our family.

Yesterday the boys and I pulled it out of the playroom and they began climbing up into the nook above the fireplace (which is currently empty) and launching themselves into the air, landing safely in its cushy goodness.
And today after school the fun continued.

They jump down the stairs into its puffy depths,
we cuddle and read stories in it,
we throw and flip the boys into it in all sorts of fun ways (Sam especially loves this one),
and it has hosted plenty of naps.

It's basically another member of our family.


  1. Those jumping pictures are fantastic!!! :)

  2. Ditto about the pictures! They made me laugh so hard! Those are some pretty great action poses you captured. ;)


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