Sunday, January 7, 2018

So Many Leaves

Sam and I LOVE big trees.
You know in Anne of Green Gables the phrase, "scope for the imagination?"
Ever since I shared that phrase with Sam, that has become our go-to description for the yard we hope to have someday. And towering trees do so much to increase the "scope for the imagination."

So, naturally, we LOVE the fact that there are so many huge trees in our area.
When we first told the boys we were moving, we took them to the computer and showed them a satellite image of the United States. Sam asked, "Do you notice anything different between this half of the United States (western) and this half (eastern)?"
The boys immediately called out, "It's green!!!"
The forests that surround us are absolutely magical.
Our area particularly has a lot of huge oak trees. So many, in fact, that the city allows residents to put piles of leaves by the curb for "loose leaf pickup" where they come suck them up with a huge vacuum into a big truck.

There are several oak trees towering above our backyard, so the boys had lots of fun raking piles and piles before the weather turned frigidly cold. The leaves are big and crunchy, making them perfect for leaf-jumping, and acorns line the edges of the yard. We opted to bag them up and Maxwell was a riot to watch! He thought trying to stuff armfuls of leaves into the bag was the greatest thing, as evidenced by his smiles.

Today Talmage shared his testimony about fasting,
and he said, "I know Heavenly Father gives us small miracles to help us believe in the big ones."
I keep thinking about that idea.
I am so uplifted by the sweet, simple faith of children.

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  1. Talmage is so insightful all the time! I love that thought!


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