Friday, January 12, 2018

Snow Day 2018

Today it snowed here in the mid-South.
And in this area, a light dusting of snow shuts down all schools,
so the boys have had a delightful snow day.

As snow was expected, their friends filled them in on the "snow magic" that is used to make the snow happen here in Tennessee.
And so last night our home was filled with anticipation as the boys
-wore pajamas inside out
-slept with spoons under their pillows
-put white crayons in the freezer
-flushed ice cubes down the toilet
-and looked out the bedroom window, made a wish for snow, did a crazy dance, and then hopped into bed.

I guess that "snow magic" worked, because despite the fact that it was 66 degrees last night,
this morning we woke up to an incredibly icy winter wonderland.
We had hot chocolate and pancakes and the boys bounced in and out for several hours,
the cold too frigid to keep them in the snow for long.

All in all, we got about an inch of snow.
Not bad, Memphis, not bad.


  1. This post makes me smile! From the "snow magic" to the snow day bucket list, this is true childhood memory perfection! You always inspire me friend!

  2. That teeny snowman is hilarious!!


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