Tuesday, January 30, 2018

House Names

For those who have become acquainted with my love of charm, nostalgia, and whimsy,
it will come as no surprise that I felt a desire to name each of our homes.
I yearned to describe each home in a way that summed up the magical experiences we had within those walls together--something much more than "our Texas house."
And so, sometime early last year, we named each of our homes (our apartments haven't made the list yet).

PalmRose Place

This sweet little duplex holds such a dear place in my heart!
In the flower bed by the front door, there was a palm tree that quickly grew to be taller than the house.
One day, construction vehicles appeared and tore down the tree. A short time later it was replaced with rose bushes.
(Thus the name.)
Oh, how we loved that little walkway, home to sidewalk chalk drawings, playtime with the neighbor's cat, digs in the wood chips, conversations with piano students' moms, and even a fun experience with a turtle that appeared outside the door one day!
The balcony overlooking the enormous backyard made such a magical place for our porch swing,
and so many hours were spent swinging and playing there.
Within these walls our family grew to 5 members, we made decisions about grad school and a post-doc, we scrimped and made-do and saw miracles in our lives, and we rejoiced endlessly as a family.
PalmRose Place, I will forever look on you with tremendous fondness.

Mulberry Garden

This sweet little home gets its name from 2 sources:
-the enormous mulberry tree that provided a leafy canopy over half the backyard and
-our first garden we planted as a family.

We spent so much time together playing in the shade of that mulberry tree.
Its branches tickled the window of the master bedroom and attracted birds by the dozens.
We hung pinecone birdfeeders from its branches and our boys learned of the joy that comes from climbing trees in the midst of its sturdy limbs.
Our first garden brought us so much happiness, even though we had to leave this home before it produced any fruit. I began to love yard work with a passion here.
I think our boys spent more waking hours outside than in, which is just the way we like it.
Mulberry Garden will always be such a unique place of peace and contentment for us...
bright green kitchen and all.

Sunset Hollow

I knew what this home would be named before we even moved in.
The perfect views of the exquisite Utah sunsets over the Great Salt Lake from the window above the kitchen sink and the balcony off the master bedroom and the forested hollow that sank down below the home instantly combined in my mind to set this house apart.
Our time here was very brief--indeed, years shorter than we expected it to be--but it was home for every one of the 5ish months we lived here.
I neglected to take a picture of it until we were moving in late November and the plants had died,
but we were surrounded by gorgeous aspens with their golden leaves through early fall, many varieties of lilies (my favorite!) in the flower beds, a Japanese maple, an enormous blackberry bush, and a terraced backyard that was perfect for sword-fighting little boys.
High windows had been strategically placed in the front and back of the house to provide perfect views of the mountains from this little home's perch in the foothills.
I felt pretty sick during most of the time we lived here, being pregnant, but the boys made fast friends in the neighborhood and spent so many hours with kids from all up and down the street--riding bikes, exploring, raking leaves, and just playing together.
It was idyllic in so many ways.

Now we have a new home to love.
And though all of our homes thus far have been rentals,
each one has had a special place in our hearts.
Someday soon I hope we will buy a home and truly make it ours,
complete with chickens, apple trees, swings, and an enormous garden...
but in the meantime we'll find and create magic here.

Now to come up with a name...

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